Support is only available through the following channels

How can I contact support?

Please send your e-mail to [email protected]. All incoming e-mails have to be processed manually and QoinPro has discontinued for some time now. Responses are subject to delays.

General Support and Announcements

When approaching QoinPro, please use official support channels only. There are several fake social media accounts claiming to be administrators.
Official channels are:
E-mail address
General support
​[email protected]​
No support, discontinued in 2019
No support, discontinued in 2019
Please note: We will never ask for your password, private key, seed or anything similar. When anybody asks, DO NOT GIVE IT TO THEM.
We will also NEVER ask you to make a deposit to any address.

Why do you not reply on Social Media?

QoinPro has discontinued all services for some time now and social media accounts are not being maintained. Furthermore, even if we did, we won't respond for the following reasons.
  • To protect your privacy, it is too easy to accidentally reveal personal information publicly
  • There is no good way to manage, or track conversations
  • There is no way for us to know which account (Twitter for example) belongs to which user and setting up an account that looks similar is trivially easy
  • It is too time consuming

What is your Moderation Policy?

You can view our moderation policy here.
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