Support is only available through the following channels

How can I contact support?

Please send your e-mail to [email protected]. All incoming e-mails have to be processed manually and QoinPro has discontinued for some time now. Responses are subject to delays.

General Support and Announcements

When approaching QoinPro, please use official support channels only. There are several fake social media accounts claiming to be administrators.
Official channels are:
E-mail address
General support
​[email protected]​
Discontinued, please refer to this FAQ for updates
Please note: We will never ask for your password, private key, seed or anything similar. When anybody asks, DO NOT GIVE IT TO THEM.
We will also NEVER ask you to make a deposit to any address.

Why do you not reply on Social Media?

QoinPro has discontinued all services for some time now and social media accounts are not being maintained. Furthermore, even if we did, we won't respond for the following reasons.
  • To protect your privacy, it is too easy to accidentally reveal personal information publicly
  • There is no good way to manage, or track conversations
  • There is no way for us to know which account (Twitter for example) belongs to which user and setting up an account that looks similar is trivially easy
  • It is too time consuming

What is your Moderation Policy?

We've always maintained the following moderation policy with regards to deletion
  • Messages from "Deleted Accounts" or accounts that are no longer active
  • System / Platform messages (such as user X joined the group / has left the group)
  • Spam messages / repeating or duplicate messages / external links, messages somehow sent or notifying @all.
  • Mentions @username without context
  • Non-English messages in English only groups
  • Replies to deleted messages that are confusing / make no more sense without the context
  • Specific "Please check your PM/DM" messages or requests for private messages
  • Messages containing personal-, balance-, transaction- or account related information or support requests
  • Messages containing profanity, are in all CAPS or incite unwanted behavior
  • Messages that are irrelevant
  • Messages from misleading (or unwanted) usernames, usernames containing links or users pretending to be moderators / administrators
  • Messages containing referral codes / links
  • Messages spreading false information
  • Trolls, messages in ALL CAPS
  • Bots or other non-human accounts
  • Off-topic messages
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How can I contact support?
General Support and Announcements
Why do you not reply on Social Media?
What is your Moderation Policy?