Status: Discontinued
QoinPro gradually discontinued from 2019 and ceased operations shortly after in 2020.
QoinPro started as a side-project in 2013 to give out freebies to people interested in crypto.
Unfortunately QoinPro never turned into a business with a viable business model and gradually ceased operations from 2019 onwards. QoinPro stopped completely in 2020 during the pandemic and this page was launched.
Account related questions can be asked through support at [email protected] while this FAQ is online, though answers are subject to delays.
Any remaining storage of crypto currencies is subject to fees (see details).
All transactions (if any) are now manual, subject to potential delays, potential KYC procedures and only possible after conversion to LTC (see reasons and details).
All off-chain freebies have been consolidated into one off-chain transaction. The status can be requested through support.
This FAQ is being maintained periodically to accommodate users that still have questions.
Last modified 4d ago
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