Mobile App
QoinPro temporarily had an App on Android that was in Google Play's Beta program and there never was an iOS App.

What happened to the Mobile App(s)

Support for the beta App has been discontinued. QoinPro temporarily had an app on Android that was in Google Play's Beta program, however the app never left the Beta program and has since been discontinued. Although we also wanted to create an iOS version, there were technical, procedural and regulatory reasons that prevented us from doing so.
There were a few fake Apps though that weren't ours. QoinPro only had one App, which was on Android and it was in "Beta" for the duration it was available.
Given that the App didn't leave "Beta" status, there was no iOS version, the inability to maintain a single code-base and the restrictions imposed by the reality of the situation, especially in 2020 (the Pandemic), the decision was made to discontinue the app.

I bought Credits in the Android app, can I get a refund?

Support for the mobile faucet, the Android beta app discontinued. Refunds for in-app freebie upgrades were accepted and processed until July 31, 2021.