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Mobile App (beta)

2018: Reaching End-Of-Service, 2019: Discontinued Permanently

What happened to the Mobile App(s)

QoinPro's had an Android App in development in 2017 that was listed in Google Play's Beta channel. It never left the Beta program and support has been discontinued, development stopped in the same year. There was never an iOS App.

Unofficial APK files

Unreleased-, unofficial- or APK releases / application bundles not hosted in the Google Play store were never supported and it's usage is strongly discouraged. QoinPro has never released a mobile app outside the Google Play platform (beta channel). These apps are not working and may pose significant security risks.

When did Development and Support end?

Development for the Android App started (and ended in 2017), the app never left Google Play's Beta channel. There was never an iOS App.

Can I get a refund for unused in-app credits?

Google supports immediate refunds for up to 48 hours after a purchase. Manual refund requests have to be made by the developer (QoinPro) are no longer being processed as of July 31, 2021.
The App never left beta status. Although the Android App wasn't developed further, originally In-App transactions could be refunded for up to 12 months if the request was valid and the purchase came from a genuine installation.
Development and support for the beta Android App officially stopped in 2017, though some users kept it installed on their phone after that and (at times) tried to use it.
Even after QoinPro discontinued entirely in 2019, it is possible transactions were made on devices where the App was still installed. Such transactions have largely been refunded through the Play Store. Exceptions are:
  • Known Disabled / Suspended / Duplicate or Fake accounts
  • When the Play Store prevents it (i.e.. perhaps the user no longer has a Play Store account)
  • When the user is in a sactioned region ore territory.
  • The transaction is older than 12 months.