Mobile App
QoinPro temporarily had an App on Android that was in Google Play's Beta program and there never was an iOS App.

What happened to the Mobile App(s)

QoinPro temporarily had an App on Android that was in Google Play's Beta program, however the App never left the Beta program and has since been discontinued. Although we also wanted to create an iOS version, there were technical, procedural and regulatory reasons that prevented us from doing so.
There were a few fake Apps though that weren't ours. QoinPro only had one App, which was on Android and it was in "Beta" for the duration it was available.
Given that the App didn't leave "Beta" status, there was no iOS version, the inability to maintain a single code-base and the restrictions imposed by the reality of the situation, especially in 2020 (the Pandemic), the decision was made to discontinue the Android version as well - at least for the time being.
Users that are still using the App and have questions or are experience issues can contact us at [email protected]. Support for the App discontinued on April 30, 2021.

I bought Credits in the Android App, can I get a refund?

Please contact [email protected] with a copy of your Google receipt and we will process the refund within 7 working days.
Please note the following:
  • We can only process refunds if we receive the relevant Google receipt
  • We cannot process refunds from purchases made in fake Apps
  • We never had an iOS version and we cannot process any refunds there
  • We can only process refunds of the last 3 months
Refunds will no longer be processed after June 15, 2021. For details, please see the timeline.
Update July 4, 2021: Deadline has been extended to July 31, 2021.
Update July 31, 2021: Deadline closed

Why is the data in my mobile App and the website not in Sync?

The former website and the Mobile App each have their own database back-end.
If the wallets are not in sync, it is because the two accounts are not connected. If the accounts are not connected synchronization cannot take place. This is possible if you login with a different account on the website than the mobile App such as Facebook Login on the website and Google login on the App.
Even though the underlying e-mail address may be the same, it is seen as two different accounts.
To confirm and/or to have your App synchronized, please contact [email protected].

Why have you discontinued the App?

We did so with a heavy heart. The App never left "beta" status.
The current version of the App did not fit into our future plans. When a new App is launched, an announcement will be made and it will have a stronger focus on current industry trends (such as DeFi).