Response Policy

2018: Reaching End-Of-Service, 2019: Discontinued Permanently

What is your Response Policy?

QoinPro discontinued years ago, and although some a support email is occasionally being monitored, replies are limited to e-mail, subject to delays. and are subject to our response policy below.
The following e-mails are deleted and will not receive a reply.
  • Any e-mail not sent to [email protected].
  • Anything remotely resembling donation requests, scams, business ideas, proposals, spam, sales, job-requests, newsletters or e-mails coming from anonymous accounts (such as noreply@).
  • E-mails that are, or appear to be AI generated.
  • Out-of-office replies, vacation messages, auto-responders, read receipts, bounces, delivery notifications or confirmation requests.
  • Any kind of platform invitation, social media message, friend request, connection request, rating request or any other type of request.
  • Duplicate, repetitive e-mails or "bumps".
  • Any type of e-mail asking information about other projects / platforms whether previously listed or given out as freebies or not. For questions, contact those parties directly.
  • Any e-mail asking about faucet related information of another e-mail address. Questions about account X will only be answered to the e-mail address belonging to account X.
  • Non-descriptive inquiries lacking crucial information (such as: "It is not working" or "I need help") without additional information. This includes emails only containing an address. Be specific in your email about what you want to ask.
  • How do I do X? type of e-mails. QoinPro reached end of service in 2019. Questions such as "How do I login, or how can I get freebies" are longer be answered. Answers are available in this FAQ.
  • E-mails that are harassing, offensive, inappropriate, particularly rude or in all CAPS.
  • E-mails that have an empty body, or do not contain any meaningful text (including topic only).
  • Any non-English inquiry