Airdrops & Airdrips

What is the difference between an Airdrop and an Airdrip?

An Airdrop (aka. candy) is a reward for doing something. Usually a social media task (Follow on Twitter, Like on Facebook, Subscribe on YouTube, etc.). An Airdrip usually is a smaller (but recurring) reward for continued engagement such as being a member of a Telegram group, staying subscribed to a newsletter, etc.

What happened to the Airdrops and Airdrips in QoinPro?

Although some projects are still active, the five most recent Airdrops and Airdrips that were on QoinPro have passed their expiration date and are no longer available on QoinPro. The same is true for earlier Airdrops/Airdrips.

  • PlannerScape (no longer active)

  • CPUcoin (still active and going strong) - just launched

  • UnitedBitcoin (no longer active)

  • Smartree (no longer active)

  • OHAS (delisted due to increasingly poor reputation)

What about future Airdrops/Airdrips?

QoinPro has partnered with StartPage.Finance (SP.F) for future gamification and Crypto earning opportunities. They have many more opportunities to earn Crypto. Though we may launch an Airdrop for StartPage.Finance (SP.F) at some point.

At SP.F you earn points for using their site, and the points can be redeemed for Crypto. There are no limits and their referral program goes 10 levels deep. The crypto you earn at SP.F can be withdrawn to QoinPro, or to any wallet of your choice.

In the mean-time QoinPro will continue to focus on being an Ethereum wallet and adding DeFi related functionality.

Can you list my Airdrop/Airdrip?

QoinPro is no longer accepting listing requests for any project. If you want to list your Airdrop/Airdrip somewhere, please go to StartPage.Finance (SP.F).