Airdrops & Airdrips

What is the difference between an Airdrop and an Airdrip?

An Airdrop (aka. candy) is a reward for doing something. Usually a social media task (Follow on Twitter, Like on Facebook, Subscribe on YouTube, etc.). An Airdrip usually is a smaller (but recurring) reward for continued engagement such as being a member of a Telegram group, staying subscribed to a newsletter, etc.

Why were Airdrops & Airdrips off-chain?

QoinPro was used as a faucet to collect and store freebies off-chain until a threshold was reached that on on-chain transaction would make sense considering the associated transaction fees of network miners.

What happened to the Airdrops and Airdrips?

The only project still active (and going strong) that was on QoinPro is listed below:

Can you list my Airdrop/Airdrip?

QoinPro has discontinued all services and is no longer accepting listing requests for any project.