Retention Policy

2018: Reaching End-Of-Service, 2019: Discontinued Permanently

What is your Retention Policy?

Over the years, both normal e-mail accounts, as well as 3rd party support systems (i.e. SmarterTrack, ZenDesk, osTicket) have been used to communicate with users. These are no longer being used and users trying to access will now be redirected to this FAQ.

Currently, e-mail is only checked periodically and incoming e-mail is subject to our response policy.

QoinPro discontinued years ago, to respect the privacy of the users:

  • Paid Subscriptions with externally hosted support systems discontinued in 2020 and e-mails sent to / received from such systems have been purged by them and are no longer available.

  • Due to intermittent connectivity or DNS misconfiguration issues, some e-mail sent in the first half of 2020 did not arrive / bounced back to the recipient.

  • E-mails are no longer being archived and previously archived e-mails have been deleted.

  • E-mails on waiting lists (to try out new or experimental features) have been unsubscribed from those lists.

  • E-mails sent through marketing systems or newsletters have been deleted and all e-mails have been unsubscribed.

  • All incoming mail is subject to our response policy.

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