Phishing Sites

2018: Reaching End-Of-Service, 2019: Discontinued Permanently

What is a Phishing Site?

A phishing website is a domain (or social media account) similar in name and appearance to an official website. They're made to trick someone into believing the site is legitimate in order to obtain login credentials or other sensitive information. This information is then used to login to the actual site and obtain more information, make changes to information there or perform actions on behalf of the user.

Which Sites were part of QoinPro?

QoinPro was only available on the domain * and through an App in the Google Play Store (beta channel) on the "open testing" track. There was never an iOS version and other domain names were never used.

Development of the Android App discontinued 2017. The website of QoinPro first reached End-Of-Service in 2018 and gradually discontinue from 2019. There are no other websites or domain names in use.

Any other websites / domains other than on * that pretended to be QoinPro were phishing sites trying to obtain users' informataion. Throughout the years and up-to 2019 several users reported such sites.

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