Faucet Login & Closure

2018: Reaching End-Of-Service, 2019: Discontinued Permanently

Where can I login?

Logging in to your faucet account is no longer possible.
Websites and/or Apps claiming you can login are phishing attempts to obtain your credentials. In the past it was only possible to login through the site *.qoinpro.com and the Android App in Google's Beta Channel.

How can I reset my Password on the website?

Logging in to your faucet account is no longer possible.

Which Accounts are closed and deleted?

Social login functionality was implemented on June 13, 2018 to thwart the many fake account sign-ups and delegate identity federation.
The existing database was cleaned up to remove the many duplicate- fake- and unverified email accounts.
Accounts with on-chain transactional history were migrated to the new system, and other users could have their account imported by logging in to the website with the original username and password credentials.
From late 2019 it was no longer possible to import older inactive accounts. Though due to a bug some imports still occurred until Jan 25, 2020.
QoinPro discontinued all services, and previously active accounts (with on-chain transactions, referrals or logins after June 13, 2018) were maintained and histories were available upon request. Other accounts have been purged.
Accounts were permanently closed on June 13, 2018 (and deleted) in the following scenarios:
  • The account has an unverified e-mail address or the e-mail address was not provided by the social login provider. In this case account creation would have failed.
  • The account has no on-chain transactional history, has no referrals and hasn't been logged in to after June 13, 2018.
  • Upon a data erasure request
  • Duplicate or Suspended Accounts

How can I close my account?

All accounts have already been closed.

Can you delete all my Data?

We can close your account and process your data erasure request upon request. Please send an e-mail to support at [email protected].
Your request will be processed as soon as possible and you will automatically be removed from all future mailings as well.
When your account has been closed, all your data will be deleted, it won't be a soft-delete and the action cannot be reversed.
  • Support e-mails you may have sent regarding your account will not be deleted.