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2019: End of Service - Account & Crypto related questions

How can I access my account?

All accounts have been closed and logging in is no longer possible. Please direct all account related questions to [email protected]. Since requests are processed manually, all requests are subject to KYC procedures and delays.

What are the storage fees for crypto

QoinPro cannot be maintained indefinitely. As of January 1, 2022 a storage fee of $12.50 USD (in the LTC equivalent) will be charged for the few accounts that still hold crypto, although they will be waived for the first few months (see below).
Fees will go up by $12.50 USD / month every first day of the calendar year.
If your balance is less than the storage fee, your balance will be reduced to 0.00000000 LTC and no additional charges will be deducted.
For the year 2022, the fees will be as follows:
Storage Fee
USD equivalent
January 2022
0.08294625 LTC - waived
$12.50 - waived
February 2022
0.10831889 LTC - waived
$12.50 - waived
March 2022
0.11107162 LTC - waived
$12.50 - waived
April 2022
0.10009609 LTC - waived
$12.50 - waived
May 2022
0.12570394 LTC - waived
$12.50 - waived
June 2022
0.19850723 LTC
July 2022
0.24452269 LTC
August 2022
0.20994290 LTC
September 2022
0.21727794 LTC
October 2022
0.23625024 LTC
November 2022
0.22694263 LTC
December 2022
0.16124871 LTC

My past outgoing transaction did not arrive

‌All outgoing transactions have a corresponding TXID (transaction ID) that is visible on the blockchain and publicly verifiable and your TXID is available upon request.
Outgoing transfers that were pending and couldn't be processed (usually for technical reasons) have always been reversed and are back in your balance.

What is the "Withdraw all to LTC" option?

‌QoinPro has discontinued all services. For this reason, and because most balances were below the required thresholds for withdrawals, all remaining balances have been converted to Litecoin (LTC).‌
When requesting an outgoing transfer request, please send a native non-bech32 LTC address. We do not support Bech32 based LTC address, nor do we support wrapped LTC tokens. Please send it as a string we can copy and paste, do not send it as a QR code or a photo.‌
Litecoin (LTC) was chosen because it is fast, cheap and liquid. An 8% conversion fee was deducted to cover maker/taker fees or conversion fees, slippage and transfer fees to an exchange.‌
There is no minimum threshold, any amount can be withdrawn and we will cover the transfer fees.‌

What are the transaction fees?

Other than the 8% conversion to LTC fee, there is no outgoing transfer fee, we will cover the fee. Your account will be closed afterwards and can no longer be used.‌

Can I request a manual transfer

For the few accounts that still hold crypto, a manual transfer may be requested, though all balances have been converted to LTC and have to be processed manually. They are subject to potential delays, KYC procedures and storage fees.
Please send an e-mail to [email protected] with your request.