Moderation Policy

2018: Reaching End-Of-Service, 2019: Discontinued Permanently

What is your Moderation Policy?

QoinPro maintains the following moderation policy with regards to deletion of content/messages from users. Some of the moderation is manual and may be applied retroactively

  • Messages from "Deleted Accounts" or accounts that are no longer active

  • System / Platform messages (such as user X joined the group / has left the group)

  • Messages from accounts that represent multiple people

  • Spam messages / repeating or duplicate messages (incl. forwarded messages) / external links, broken links, messages somehow sent or notifying @all.

  • Questions about other platforms

  • Mentions of @username without context, emojis without context either in text or name/username

  • Non-English messages in English only groups

  • Replies to deleted messages that are confusing / make no more sense without the context

  • Specific "Please check your PM/DM" messages or requests for private messages, particularly to administrators

  • Messages containing personal-, balance-, transaction- or account related information or support requests

  • Messages containing profanity, are in all CAPS or incite unwanted behavior as well as messages from accounts with names that are in primarily CAPS

  • Messages that are irrelevant, hard to understand, repeating or redundant

  • Messages that are very short (one letter), exceptions, an exception would be "?" and messages from user's name is only 1 letter or otherwise non-descriptive

  • Messages from accounts with animating names and/or username.

  • Messages from misleading (or unwanted) usernames, promoting others, enumerating usernames, usernames containing links, phone numbers, usernames misrepresenting titles/credentials or users pretending to be moderators / administrators or impersonating others

  • Messages or bios containing referral codes / links

  • Messages from duplicate accounts or accounts with seemingly random names or accounts with names/usernames asking to be blocked.

  • Messages from accounts with names that are in all CAPS

  • Messages spreading false or inaccurate information

  • Messages from accounts that frequently change username / names, are unverified or are otherwise too anonymous.

  • Messages from account that infringe on copyright, are misleading or try to represent other tradenames / brands

  • Messages from users that were added to the channel / platform involuntarily (by others) and are irrelevant

  • Messages begging for money / free money requests or promoting free money

  • Messages from (semi) anonymous or unverified accounts or accounts containing random elements.

  • Trolls, FUD, messages in ALL CAPS, offensive content (including username or bio) or Doxxing

  • Messages from usernames containing (or asking for) (partial) addresses or other personal information (including bios)

  • Messages from usernames/names containing commas, emojis, or more numbers, symbols than letters or are all blank, are shorter than 3 or longer than 24 characters or contain 4 (or more) of the same character consecutively.

  • Messages from accounts with profile photos of a single color, babies, children, are misleading, contain nudity, profanity, are racist, are violent, incite hate, are shocking, threatening, suggest, endorse or promote immoral activity or are otherwise inappropriate.

  • Messages from Bots, AIs, other non-human accounts (or accounts/messages appearing to be so), bot commands or perceived bot commands

  • Off-topic messages or test messages

Furthermore, messages may be deleted for the following other reasons

  • Violation of one of the policies of the respective platform

  • Expiration dates (timers) of individual messages are reached

  • Users delete their own messages

  • The message itself is over 3 years old and the posting user is no active in the respective community.

  • The age of the message surpasses the storage duration of the platform

  • Platforms (X / Twitter or Telegram) start charging account- or maintenance fees.

With regards to content from QoinPro, it may be removed in the following situations:

  • The message is a response to a message that no longer exists

  • Reposts / Retweets of external news that is no longer relevant

  • The message is a reply to a message containing personal- or account related information

  • The message is no longer relevant (i.e. 18 months+ old)

For official community groups that are inactive (X / Twitter, Telegram, etc.), in order to phase them out, users are unsubscribed / unfollowed in the following situations.

  • If their status indicates that they haven't been on the platform for more than a month, for example in Telegram they were last seen "a long time ago".

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