2014 - 2017: Operational

2018: Reaching End-Of-Service, 2019: Discontinued Permanently

2019 Onwards - Pandemic (Discontinued - End of Service)

Due to the increasing threat from the pandemic early 2020, an attempt was made to create a knowledge sharing platform/blog regarding the consequences of the Corona Virus however this attempt failed.

Although many people volunteered to help, managing and standardizing the content (and the contributors) proofed too time-consuming. Furthermore, Google and Apple started to only allow apps dealing with the coronavirus from official sources making a mobile app impossible.

The effort was discontinued soon after. The faucet (as described in this FAQ) discontinued previously in 2019 (see discontinuation progression).

2018 - Last Attempt at Scalability & Catching Fake Accounts

QoinPro was refactored to a modern server-less SPA (Single Page Application) to attempt to resolve scalability issues and address all the fake faucet accounts.

Social Login functionality was added for the same reason and on June 13, 2018 the existing database was cleaned up to remove the many duplicate- fake- and unverified email accounts. Remaining accounts and accounts with on-chain transactional history were migrated to the new system, and other users could have their account imported by logging in.

QoinPro as a faucet gradually stopped at the end of 2019, discontinued completely shortly after and launched this FAQ (see discontinuation progression).

2014 - 2017 - Early Years (Growing Pains)

QoinPro was conceptualized late 2013 and started as a side-project early 2014 as a crypto currency micro-faucet. Daily freebies (minuscule fractional amounts of crypto) were given to active users to introduce them to the industry.

Limited blockchain functionality was added and QoinPro supported a few other crypto currencies initially, mostly to allow consolidation of other faucets and the support of early forks. Most did not gain traction in the community or otherwise failed and were delisted.

With the addition more freebies and later on Airdrops/Airdrips, many users started creating fake accounts in order to grow their network and benefit from additional rewards. This introduced significant scalability issues that were not initially anticipated. Over the years the scalability issues have resulted in intermittent (but recurring) connectivity and availability issues.

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