Referral Program

2018: Reaching End-Of-Service, 2019: Discontinued Permanently

What was your Referral Program?

QoinPro relied predominantly on word-of-mouth marketing for organic growth. Users could receive factional freebies or perks (new functionalities) for inviting other people to create a free faucet account. Accounts were limited to (1) per person, though many users created many fake accounts, making the faucet ultimately unsustainable (see details).

All links (and banners) stopped working when operations discontinued. If you have any links on your website, we suggest you remove them, because they will redirect to this FAQ or generate an error message.

Can I get a copy of my referral information?

No, your data has never been given out, to others without your explicit consent. The only information that was available on the website with regards to referrals were aggregate totals.

This policy extends to (and includes) uplines and downlines.

Will you sell or re-use my referral information?

No, never have and never will. After ceasing operations, everybody was unsubscribed from all marketing e-mails (see details) and referral information other than who the direct upline was (if any) has been deleted.

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