Status: Discontinued

2018: Reaching End-Of-Service, 2019: Discontinued Permanently

From late 2019, signing up is no longer possible, and logging in was discontinued on the main page shortly after. It is now 2024, please don't ask to login or to reset your password and keep in mind that most balances would have reaced zero long ago (read details).

The micro-faucet QoinPro primarily operated from 2014 to 2017 and gave out fractional freebies ("The Freebies years") until 2018, and in some cases airdrops and airdrips in late 2019. Though this didn't apply to inactive (or dormant) accounts. There have been no developments since then. Most accounts, estimated at (80%-90%) were closed in 2018 (read why) and more after discontinuation in 2020 (read why).

Throughout the years and upto 2019, there were occasional reports of phishing sites trying to trick users into revealing their credentials (read more). In order to prevent that from happening the domain name (and this page) are maintained until further notice.

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This FAQ primarily deals with questions relating to the faucet. People coming from former Support Desk URLs (pre-pandemic) are now redirected to this FAQ. Historic e-mails have since been deleted or fall under our retention policy.

Attempts at a knowledge sharing blog relating to the consequences of the pandemic, and/or a pivot to become DeFi centric - during the pandemic didn't succeed and are not part of this FAQ.

Note: Specific questions can be asked through support while this FAQ is online, though answers are subject to delays. Please read the information on this page first before asking support. If you ask a question that is answered in this FAQ, you will likely receive a response with a link to this FAQ.

Archived Notes:

Unfortunately too many people tried to create fake accounts making the faucet unsustainable. QoinPro thus reached End-Of-Service first in 2018. A last attempt to address scalability issues, implement social logins, and catching fake faucet accounts was made in 2018, which resulted in the closure of most (fake and inactive) accounts, though a viable business model was never found.

QoinPro thus gradually ceased operations in 2019, subsequently switched to read-only mode and discontinued the faucet permanently shortly after. Attempts afterwards to move faucet transactions on-chain and become more DeFi centric never succeeded.

All off-chain freebies were consolidated and any remaining storage is subject to off-chain fees (see details). Since most faucet accounts were only used to accumulate freebies, balances reached zero fairly quickly.

All on-chain addresses were retired and blockchain functionality in the faucet, such as incoming- and outgoing transactions discontinued when QoinPro discontinued. Any subsequent transactions of positive balances are manual, only done in LTC (see reasons and details) and are subject to potential delays and/or procedures.

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