2021 - Continuation

Picking up the pieces after the pandemic is painful and difficult, but we see a future and will change direction to go there.

QoinPro is here to stay

QoinPro is here to stay, we started late 2013, experienced growing pains, suffered several periods of downtime, but are not going anywhere.

The following changes are coming (roughly in order of priority):

  • Restore account access to the previous website

  • Partner with StartPage.Finance (SP.F) for more earning opportunities (for you)

  • Remove all off-chain transactions, becoming on-chain only

  • Pivot towards DeFi centric services/solutions

  • Find a business model for QoinPro (probably rooted in DeFi)

You can read more about this by navigating the left menu (towards the top) and going to the section "2021 onwards".

If you have any questions (or suggestions) please let us know at [email protected].