2013 - 2015 - Early Years
From concept to reality.

From Concept to Reality

QoinPro was conceptualized and started as a side-project late 2013 as a crypto currency faucet. Daily minuscule fractional amounts of crypto were given to users to introduce them to the Crypto industry. People sometimes wondered about the business model, but it was ultimately a marketing expense to grow the user-base. QoinPro grew to around 1 million users in the first few years.
Several crypto currencies were listed/delisted during the first few years. The alt-coins that lasted the longest were Lite coin (LTC), and Doge coin (DOGE).
Lesson learned: Always sustain the momentum.

Early Wallet Support

Early support for transactions (deposits first, withdrawals second) lead to an increase in activity on the platform. While most users continued to use the platform primarily for the faucet functionality others started to use the wallet functionality as well.
Early support was only for UTXO based wallets. Ethereum support (with account based wallets) wasn't added until many years later.
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