Account Functionality

Which functionality should I expect to be available?

As of April 26, 2021:

  • Logging with username/password or with a social login provider

  • Logging out of the website

  • Resetting your password using the original credentials when logging in with a username/password

Please refer to the timeline for other when other functionality will be available.

  • Balances are available for the listed coins

  • Referral network overview (referral count) is available

Which functionality is not yet available?

The following functionality is not yet available, but will come back in the near future. Please refer to the timeline for details.

  • Full historic transaction overview

  • Incoming transactions are not being processed

  • Outgoing transactions are not being processed

Which functionality will not come back?

  • Instant conversion of coins

  • Daily Coins and Airdrops / Airdrips or other earning crypto opportunities. That will be outsourced to StartPage.Finance (SP.F) who have many more opportunities available.

  • Coins that are being delisted will not come back. QoinPro will pivot towards non-custodial DeFi services.