Current Situation
This page explains what happened, why the website was off-line, how long, what the damage was and which lessons were learned from it.

Current Situation

‌QoinPro is currently being restored and operating with limited functionality. Please read the latest updates to understand the current situation.‌

What happened, why was the website off-line?

‌The website was off-line from January 29, 2021 until April 12, 2021 as a result of a combination of factors. Most of which were direct and indirect consequences of the pandemic and the decisions that were made as a result. The website is currently available on:‌
Lesson learned: Have a business model that does not depend on other business‌

How long was the website off-line?

‌The website was off-line from January 29, 2021. These pages (the ones you are reading now) were added on April 12, 2021. In total, the website was off-line for approximately 2.5 months.‌

Why was the website off-line for so long?

‌There were several factors. One was budget related, another was that the team (developers) have changed. Not all knowledge was immediately available.‌
We have prepared a rough timeline (give or take a few days) of relevant events (all dates are in 2021).‌
  • January 29 - February 3 - DNS misconfiguration issue when switching CDN
  • February 3 - February 15 - Termination at AWS due to inability to pay IT expenses
  • February 16 - March 7 - Initial attempt to restore (reduced) functionality (failed due to missing document database backups).
  • March 8 - Received last available backups before termination
  • March 9 - Restoration of AWS account
  • March 10 - March 12 - Recovery of backups, second attempt to restore (failed due to missing server-less middle-ware backups).
  • March 13 - April 3 - Partial redevelopment of back-end and recovery of database backups (succeeded)
  • April 4 - now - Continued redevelopment of missing middle ware.
  • April 12 - Launch of these pages (Timeline and FAQ).
  • April 13 - 16 - Significantly updated FAQ and Timeline based on questions received
  • April 26 - Account Access (with reduced functionality) has has been restored on
‌Expected account access restoration was April 23, 2021 (see timeline), actual account access restoration was on April 26, 2021.‌
Lesson learned: Have a business model that does not depend on other business‌

Is any Data missing?

‌No, all user data is available. Users can login here.‌
Some server-less middle-ware code (including APIs) was lost due to not having a current backup. This part is currently being redeveloped.‌
The codebase for the front-end is available, but is not being re-used in favor of this page (the one you are reading now). The codebase for the logged-in section is available, although when relaunched will have reduced functionality due to change of focus and direction.‌
Databases for both the website and mobile back-ends are available as well. No user data has been lost, all transactions are accounted for.‌
For details on when accounts will be fully restored see the timeline.
Lesson learned: Be more thorough in back-up procedures. Although all centralized code and databases were backed up. The backup procedure did not include server-less functions.‌

Are the coins safe?

‌Yes, all funds are available and can be withdrawn when the functionality has been restored (see timeline) or upon request.‌

When will the website be online again?

‌The expected account access restoration day was April 23, 2021. The actual day was April 26, 2021. Users can login to the restored previous website on
Please refer to the timeline to see when other functionality will be available again.