Changes going Forward
Going forward, assuming account access has been restored, taking the learned lessons into account, with the rise of decentralized finance QoinPro will make the following changes in its direction.

Find a Business Model

Businesses need a business model and not be dependent on other business. Wallets have no business model. Withdrawal fees (other than mining fees) are controversial and deposit fees are generally not accepted.


The popularity of DeFi is rising. DeFi (through smart contracts) allows for a business model. QoinPro will pivot to becoming EVM network-centric (Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Huobi ECO chain) and start offering DeFi services.
Non EVM network compatible coins will be delisted throughout 2021 (see timeline).

Only On-Chain Transactions

Initially QoinPro' s transactions were mostly off-chain. The biggest reason for this was that the transaction fees were higher than the coins we were giving away, so it didn't (and still doesn't) make sense to do that on-chain.
Having said that, it results in a lot of support inquiries and with changes in the industry, off-chain transactions aren't really acceptable anymore.
DeFi is about decentralized and trustless solutions. QoinPro will follow that trend in 2021 as well and discontinue all custodial services.